Our team.

At Delta we believe in the potential and vitality of cities to improve the lifestyle of every citizen. More than that, we believe that each and everyone of our employees: smart, driven, committed people, are the pillars of our company and represent who we are. We also believe in the fulfillment that comes from investing in the talent of our team and the relationships we build. As a result, our people are the reason why our company keeps moving forward.

Gerardo Gutierrez Ver

Gerardo Gutierrez

Daniel Belden Ver

Daniel Belden

Melvin Chinchilla Ver

Melvin Chinchilla

Daniel Haro Ver

Daniel Haro

Sasha Ellington Ver

Sasha Ellington

Roberta Izquierdo Ver

Roberta Izquierdo

Temo Maldonado Ver

Temo Maldonado